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Brand Ambassadors

Promoting products takes the right look and the right brand ambassadors. Sassy Models & Promotions has just what you are looking for in the kind of talented individuals you need for promoting your brand. We are in the habit of hiring only brand-savvy individuals to represent your business in the best possible way. We scour all of the rising talent and use our industry knowledge and experience to determine which of our models work best for certain situations. We have just the right brand ambassadors for your needs.

Brand Ambassadors Make Marketing Easy

When promoting a product, it is all about getting more attention. The brand ambassadors we offer at Sassy Models & Promotions offer you the help you need to get more attention. We realise the importance in being able to combine beauty with a talented speaker. This is why we work with only the most attractive and intelligent people in the industry. Turn to us when promoting your next product and you will see a better return on your investment.

Experienced Professionals for Better Promotions

Sassy Models & Promotions has the experience needed to pick just the right models for brand ambassadors and so much more. With our industry experience, you can count on us to provide you with talented and attractive models for any purpose. We specialise in providing models for cheerleading, modelling, costume design, dancers and so much more. Just let us know what you are looking to accomplish and we will provide you with the talented model you are looking for.

Our models work in every market. We bring over 10 years of experience to the table when providing just the right talent for any occasion. Let us know what kind of brand ambassadors you are looking for and we will be glad to help. Call Sassy Models & Promotions today on (02) 9907 1117